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Plasma Pink 4001 was formulated as a safe cutting fluid for plasma tables. This product
will not only protect your table, but will protect hands, face, lungs, and the environment.
Along with trapping smoke and air-born particles from a cutting table, Plasma Pink 4001
is also designed to provide corrosion protection to the work piece and the water table, and
inhibit bioactivity in plasma torch, oxy-acetylene, M.A.P.P. gas metal cutting operations.
In addition, Plasma Pink 4001 has some anti-freeze properties, for use where
temperatures cannot be completely controlled. A recommended starting solution of 5%
will provide excellent tank life, and can be maintained until soil load or contaminants
dictate a dump. This product has a fluorescent pink tint to aid in concentration control.


• Provides excellent corrosion resistance for indoor storage
• Excellent tank life with regular additions of product
• Superior bioactivity control (bacteria, fungus, algae)
• Economical – use at minimum 3% concentration
• Biodegradable
• Non-toxic
• Non-Flammable
• Concentrate is stable for long term storage
• Non-foaming
• Environmentally safe
• Effective at Ambient Temperatures
• Does not contain amines, solvents, waxes, lead, barium, or sodium molybdate
• Not reportable under SARA

Plasma Pink 4001

SKU: PP-4001
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