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Shop Service


We offer a variety of fabrication solutions and are continuing to expand our capabilities. If you are looking to turn an idea into reality contact us to make it happen. We have the capabilities of taking your design and making it a fully functional product. Message us to see how our capabilities apply to your project. 

CNC Plasma Cutting

Aluminum, Stainless, or Steel. We are able to cut designs as simple as pipe caps or as complex as large gears and signage. Thick or thin we will work with you to create a cost effective piece that can be replicated quickly to meet tight turnaround times. 


Our in shop welding capabilities include SMAW (Stick), GMAW/MIG, and GTAW/TIG. Whether it is constructing something new or repairing old equipment we have the tools necessary to provide a quality product out of almost any metal material. 

Powder Coating

If you are ordering something new or bringing us a metal part to restore, our powder coating process is guaranteed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. With over 6500 available color options including metallics, textures, hammered, and gloss finishes we can accomodate any color option for your project. Contact us today for pricing.


Our mobile sandblasting bring the possibility of sandblasting permanent structures as well as items that are hard to transport to our facility. We can run many types of media to achieve the adhesion profile for the next step in the coating process. We offer soda blasting, media blasting, and dustless blasting all from the same unit for convenience while onsite. Contact us for a quote on your project, large or small. 

Traveling Service

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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